Why you need a copywriter to write your blog

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A copywriter can write a blog post that informs and sells your product. Chances are, they were googling the topic of your blog, so they were already interested. If you provide them with answers, you look like a thought leader in your industry. Not only that, but when it comes to conversion, you are in their mind for providing valuable information.

So, why should a copywriter write my blog?

A copywriter can develop a content strategy with targeted keywords that your customer is searching for.

A blog on a business website is different from a blog on a private blog site. Taking your dog to work or how your business participated in a charity is nice. But, when it comes to Google, sadly, no one cares.

These blogs are maybe, read by your family. But strangers are not going to fork out money because you took your dog to work. Save these snippets for social media.

This means you need blogs on your website that people will search for and want to read. Are people more likely to search for ‘best lighting in a small kitchen’ or ‘a carpenter that ran a marathon’? A copywriter provides quality content that’s well researched, well written and answers their question.

Good quality blogs will provide information relating to your service and draws customers to your website. You want to inform them of your product and move up the Google search ranks.

Trying to think of blog posts is hard.

This is why there are so many social posts and blogs on taking your dog to work. Writing blogs is difficult and time consuming. You have to think of a story that matches your brand and your customer base, will rank well on Google and be researched and well written. That’s why you need a copywriter to write your blog posts.

One blog can give you an email newsletter and posts for social media year after year. This is all based on one blog!

Blogs also show your customers that you’re current and aware of your industry trends. You provide valuable information. If a service provider can show all of this, it puts them ahead of the competition, especially if they’re only writing about their dog.

Investing in a copywriter to write your blogs is an investment in the marketing of your business. That’s money well spent. Yes, you could write a blog, but if the first thing that comes to mind is your pet, it’s best to save that post for your family.

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