Are font and background important?

Font cand background colour important

Sometimes, I write content for a website, send it off to the client, everyone is happy and then…nothing.

The content is informative, well written and fits with the client. But when I check out their website I see the problem.

The background is pastel blue and the font is bright pink comic sans. OK, it’s not that extreme, but you get the point. Often the colour and font are an eyesore and too hard to read.

Hard to read text

If font and background are important, what should I do?

What font colour should I use?

If you look at any news website, the background is white and the typing is black. It may sound boring and not your brand colours, but it’s easy for human eyes to read.

The good thing about black and white is the contrast. Even if you opt for dark grey, like I have here, it’s easy on the eyes to read.

The black or dark grey clearly stands out from the white making it easy to see and read. Don’t put colour barriers up. You may think a light blue background and white typing looks good for a plumbing website. But I would probably give up reading it after the first sentence.

What font size should I choose?

Another problem is the font size. My website is set to ‘normal’ font, which you can see is a lot smaller than the ‘medium’ font I chose.

I find the medium is a lot easier to see. You aren’t saving the trees by writing smaller on a website, so space out your blog and let people scroll to read your wonderful enlightening words.

For font, I like Ariel, Times New Roman or anything plain. Don’t make reading a challenge or they won’t read it.

Should I include pictures and subheadings?

Large font

Yes! No one likes a wall of text. We are visual beings, and pictures allow the eyes to rest before carrying on. If you don’t have any good photos, you can get some free from Shutterstock. Unsplash is a great website for beautiful free photos too.

So, make it easy for your clients to read your content. Black font on a white background. Don’t make the font too fancy or small and break up large amounts of text with headings and pictures.

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