What does a copywriter do?


Freelance copywriters write websites, flyers, emails, brochures, blogs, content and really anything that sells a product.

They could be working in an office environment or from home and either meet with the client or communicate by phone, skype or email. They can offer a more personalised service than an agency, which is great for small businesses.

So, what does a copywriter do? Here is the process from start to finish.

The usual steps of what a copywriter does.

Initial request

Usually, a client will email or phone the copywriter wanting the right words on a new website or brochure. A budget may be discussed, and if agreed upon, the copywriter will complete a creative brief on the work needed.

Creative Brief

what does a copywriter do

A written creative brief records your business, goals, the work needed and specifics about the writing. A creative brief can take over half an hour, but the more detailed, the better the communication and results. Once completed, the copywriter can work out a time frame and quote. The creative brief will be given to the client usually during the work, to check everything is on course, and the copywriter and client are on the same page.

The quote

The quote reflects the amount of time the copywriter needs to complete the work. They may need to make phone calls, send emails, research, complete two revisions, research meta titles and meta descriptions that are SEO friendly and write the content required.

Before any work starts, the copywriter usually requests written confirmation of the work, provides their terms and conditions and requires a 50% deposit.

Completing the work

Depending on the size of the work, the copywriter may want you to look over the first page or so to check you are happy with the tone and content. They may research the competition, find relevant keywords, and write engaging content succinctly and in the tone of your brand.

Keyword research

SEO copywriters research keywords. Keywords are what someone types into Google to find your fantastic service.

The words are different from what someone in your industry might type in. Most people wouldn’t know what an SEO copywriter is so they wouldn’t Google that. But, they might Google ‘content for my website’.

First draft

The client reads over the first draft and suggests changes they’d like made. It’s important that the copywriter and client works and communicates well together at this point and have a good relationship. Some copywriters allow two revisions in their quote.

Work finalised

The final amount is paid once the writing is complete and beautiful words are written. Usually, this is sent to the client in a Word document, so they can place it on their website or send it to a graphic designer. For more information on how I could improve your website, get in touch today.

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