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A plumbing copywriter makes your website stand out amongst the crowd. Plumbing is a competitive industry. Each month, there are 2500 searches on average for ‘plumber in Sydney’, and 2400 in Melbourne. That sounds like a lot of customers, but the problem is, there’s also a lot of fierce competition.

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A plumbing copywriter can move your website up the ranks in Google, rising above your competition. In 2024, it’s not enough to rely on the site you wrote yourself 12 years ago.

Why you need a plumbing copywriter for your website

First of all, you need a modern looking plumber website. A website is like a business card, so you need to look professional, especially in such a competitive industry like plumbing.

Next, you need the right words to attract the right customer. Most plumbers have a location they like to work within. On your plumber website, it makes sense to differentiate yourself from other plumbers by your location, eg plumber in Sydney.

A copywriter will look for other ways to make you rise up the Google ranks. Do you specialise in LPG, Type A or Type B gas? Could your particular skills benefit the hospitality industry?

Perhaps you specialise in residential plumbing. Every plumber likes to say they are experienced, tidy and friendly. But what else makes you better than the rest?

An experienced plumbing copywriter will look at what the customer wants. What would they type into Google to find you? What would keep them on your plumber website and ‘reduce the bounce rate’ to your competitors? What do your competitors have on their plumbing website that you could do better?

Keywords for plumbers

The more pages your website has, the more keywords you can use to attract that ideal customer. As the weather warms up, they may be looking for a plumber for their neglected pool. Coming into winter, they may need their gas heater serviced. But why do they need their gas heater serviced?

Your plumber’s website could provide them with the answers. You’d be a fountain of knowledge at their time of need. Why would they look elsewhere for plumbing advice? They might as well call you.

The best way to target these keywords is by writing a blog about the focus keyword. A copywriter specialising in plumbing could help you.

Blog ideas could be-

  • Why use a qualified plumber over a handyman?
  • Why do I need to get my gas heater serviced?
  • What is the difference between Type A and Type B gas?

These are all considered ‘long tail’ queries. There are fewer searches for long tail queries. But, the upside is there is less competition, and you’re more likely to answer their question. That means they’re more likely to convert into a sale of your service.

A well-written plumber website will help you move up the ranks in Google, which is free marketing. You can target your local area with the skills in which you specialise. Don’t waste this great opportunity by trying to write it yourself, or relying on what you wrote ten years ago. 

Call me today and we’ll discuss the right words.

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