5 reasons you need a joinery website for your unique business

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A joinery website can be a work of art. Joiners can have beautiful photos of their work on a website to attract the right client.

As a copywriter for joiners, it’s a trade I genuinely admire. Their work has to be precise down to the millimetre. The quality of work they produce is impressive and would feature well on a website. This is where a copywriter for joiners steps in.

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On average 1000 searches are made each month for ‘cabinet makers in Melbourne’. They seem to be in more demand down south than in Sydney, where on average only 610 searches are made each month. A lot of people may be looking for built in furniture, but there is also fierce competition.

You need a dedicated joinery website to showcase your work. A copywriter for joiners will match your amazing photos with the right words.

Great photos of your work will get you half of the way, but the words need to sell your business over the competition. Here are five reasons why you need a joinery website in 2024 and for professionals to make it for you.

1 You don’t have the skills or time to think of quality content

This may sound blunt, but it’s true. It’s like calling a carpenter a cabinet maker. Joiners are busy people. Also, being so close to your trade means it’s harder to think of your business from a customer’s point of view. What words would convince a homeowner that they need a built-in entertainment unit? A copywriter for joiners can write words for your website that appeal to the average person, who may not even know a joiner is a cabinet maker.

2 Custom made furniture is more than a kitchen

Most homes have a built-in kitchen, and wouldn’t think twice of getting a professional to install a new one. But what about a desk, or bookshelf? Your joinery website can educate homeowners on how custom-made joinery can increase the value of a house, making the most of every space.

3 The process involved needs explaining

Making custom-made furniture takes time. Shows like ‘The Block’ give an unrealistic view of the time needed to design, build and install the work. Your joinery website could have a page explaining the process involved from start to finish. So, when customers ask for the finished product tomorrow, they’ll know better.

4 You need to stand out from the competition

Show you’re a thought leader in your industry by writing about what customers are asking you. You’ll find that people are Googling these terms, so why not write a blog post on it? That way you’re answering their question, and increasing the number of keywords that people search for. They’d instead choose a joiner who appears knowledgeable, rather than one who isn’t.

Blog posts on your joinery website could be

  • What is the difference between a joiner and a carpenter?
  • 7 Kitchen trends for 2020
  • 5 Stylish storage solutions

5 You’ll have something to add to your social media

Joinery looks fantastic on Instagram and Facebook. It’s one of the few trades that can do social media well, as most of it is visual. But, you do need some information to go along with the image. You could have a Facebook post featuring your blog post, with an image of your recent work. The Instagram post of your current work could also direct customers to your joinery website with promises of your informative and well-written blog.

So, contact me to write words worthy of the images on your joinery website.

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