7 Blog ideas for the Building Industry

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The building industry is very competitive and is currently going through a bit of a rough period. However, the supply chain problems and lack of skilled labour won’t last forever. So, now is the time to get on top of your website. Not only will you be easier to find, but you can address many of the questions people have about your business.

One way to move up the ranks in Google is by writing an informative blog post that answers their question. Show that you’re a thought leader in your industry. Blog ideas for the building industry are easier to come up with than you think.

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Here are 7 great blog ideas for the building industry and examples to get you started.

1. Write a list of the top 5 services or products currently trending in the building industry.

This one can work out really well for you. If you get in touch with these services and tell them you’re promoting them on your blog, they may place a link to your blog on their website or social media. They might even share your blog, which is an even greater promotion for you.

If they place a link to your website on their website, this is called a backlink. A backlink makes your website look more noteworthy, so Google may rank it higher than a similar web page that’s less noteworthy.

Blog ideas

  • Top 5 pool suppliers in Sydney
  • Best 7 surfaces for an outdoor entertaining area in Brisbane
  • 5 best ways to heat a home

2. Listen to their questions

Blog ideas for the building Industry

Do you find yourself answering the same question every day about your trade? Chances are, they’re also Googling those questions. Write a blog post answering it and you’re most likely to be found.

Blog ideas

  • How long will I be without water?
  • How can I save money on my electricity bills?
  • Are the chemicals in pesticides safe for my kids?

3. What are they watching?

Is The Block back on TV? Do you get infuriated by their building process? A blog about something controversial that’s on TV is topical. You just need to update it each year by making a few changes, such as names, the property and you have a whole new blog!

  • Why it’s best to renovate the whole house rather than room by room
  • Why Jess and Tim had the best kitchen
  • Is the bathroom waterproofing leak free?

4. What season is it?

Going into summer, people start thinking of pools, air conditioning, outdoor entertaining, Christmas and holidays. Leading up to Christmas, people are more likely to spend on big ticket items, which is when tradies tend to be their busiest.

Going into winter, people tend to shop online more for comfort items that are cheaper. They will start looking for heating, lighting and may notice odd jobs that need doing around the house.

  • How much does it cost to install LED downlights?
  • Modern outdoor kitchen ideas
  • Pros and cons of getting LPG gas bottles
  • How long does it take to build a pool?

5. What’s trending?

You could look through twitter or Facebook for the latest trends, but your customers will probably give you an idea. Renovation shows also help to cement trends too.

  • Are smart toilets more hygienic?
  • Which tile is best for a bathroom?
  • 5 ideas for an outdoor shower

6. Case study

There’s probably a story of a job that you often tell others about. Maybe it was funny or unusual. Did others find it entertaining too, or did their eyes glaze over and their attention span suddenly decrease? If you got a positive reaction, write a blog about it.

  • Shocking….
  • The best…
  • You wouldn’t believe…
  • A plumber’s nightmare…

7. Forums

Have a look at what others are talking about on Facebook or on building industry forums. You can get great blog ideas from there.

  • Unexpected build costs
  • How should I prepare for a knockdown rebuild?
  • What can’t I put down the sink?

For more blog ideas for the building industry, or for someone to write them so they’re SEO friendly, contact me today.

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