How to write an awesome gardening website.

Website content for landscape gardeners

A gardener’s website can look absolutely beautiful. Photos shouldn’t be a problem at all, but what about the right words? Website content for a landscape gardening website is just as important for SEO and attracting the right customer organically, without having to pay for Google Adwords.

Informative content on a gardener website is important

You’re probably already aware that there’s a lot of confusion in the general public about the differences between a landscaper, gardener, landscape architect, horticulturist and landscape designer.

Home page

Rainbow lorikeetWebsite content for gardeners

So, the first thing your gardener website needs to do is clearly state what you do.

  • What are your qualifications?
  • What areas do you service?
  • Show your testimonials
  • What’s your unique selling point (USP)?
  • Have photos of your work
  • Have a call to action. Do they ring you? Email?

About page

Next, you need an About page. There’s a fine line between being too humble and too boastful. You need to talk about yourself and your company. Customers need to connect with you, especially if they’re going to trust you with their backyard. Why do you love landscaping in your area? Do you love working with Sydney sandstone? Is your specialty fixing retaining walls? Are drought-resistant plants and natives promoted by your business? Mention specific features and suburbs, it’s great for local SEO.

Your About page needs a photo of you and your work too. Again, end with a call to action.

Services page

Use short sentences here, perhaps even bullet points. You don’t need to quote prices, your call to action can ask them to ‘call for a free quote’.

Make it clear if you design a garden, build around a pool, suggest plants, maintain a garden, cut down trees, spread mulch or mow lawns and try to think of any other services your customers have asked of you, chances are people Google them as well.

Again, include photos of your work. Make sure they aren’t too large, otherwise, you’ll have a slow website which is a big turn-off for impatient people.


Get professional photos taken of your best work and put them on the portfolio page of your website. Include the suburb and a testimonial from the client. You could include a few words about what you were trying to achieve and the features and plants that you included. Often people need inspiration, and your work could provide them with that.

Landscaping Website content for gardeners


Pretty self-explanatory, what’s your phone number? Some people argue about whether to include your email address. You can get A LOT of spam by providing it, but others think filling out the contact form is a barrier for potential customers to climb over. You have to decide on this one.


There is so much website content landscape gardeners could blog about. If your client types in a keyword phrase such as ‘which plants are native to the Mornington Peninsula’, and you service the Mornington Peninsula, your landscaping website should make it to the first page. This is how you can attract more customers in your area.

Here are some other blog ideas

  • Who should pay for a retaining wall?
  • Can fruit trees grow in Melbourne gardens?
  • Which vegetables grow best in Sydney gardens?
  • 5 design ideas for outdoor entertaining in the Sutherland Shire.
  • Best pool designs in Wollongong.

If your website content can answer their landscape gardening questions, especially when related to your area, you have a potential customer who is already interested in what you do and found you when they were interested. Ask me more about local SEO.

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