What are the benefits of using a professional photographer for your business?

why use a professional photographer

Just like words, images tell a story. With camera phones improving with every new release, why would you pay for a professional photographer? A professional photographer is usually called upon for weddings, school photos and maybe a graduation. But, what about your business? Can you rely on your camera phone to show the quality of your work?

Why pay for professional photography?

Since social media exploded onto the scene, everyone has become a photographer. Camera phones are improving. Also, considering how many photos we now take and look at, quietly, we think we’re not that bad at taking a snap or two. So, why would we pay for someone else to take photos?

The benefits of professional photography when it comes to selling YOU.

Personal branding adds trust and appeal. By using professional photography, it shows you’re serious about the quality of your business and how you’re represented. The clothes you wear, the expression on your face and the style of photo give people an initial impression of you. You have to make it a good one.

“You can say a lot in a photograph that you might not be able to convey in words.  Especially when you’re talking about a person and how they are,”

Professional photographer Michelle Broadhurst.

“It’s worth remembering how visually savvy people have become, especially as a mass of images are placed together, both good and bad.  If an image doesn’t stack up it really stands out.  I think this is problematic for people wanting to brand ‘premium’ but the visuals don’t read that way, it puts doubt in people’s mind. So, quality photography is important for personal branding in my opinion,”

Personal branding and colour

Branding colour wheel
The psychology behind branding colours credit: the color wheel pro

Companies choose their colour scheme very carefully to create emotion and memory. Think of the purple that Cadbury uses or the red of a can of Coke Cola.

Once you decide on a brand colour, you can use it in your photos, on your business cards, logo, website, auto signature and any advertising. Your social media also needs to have your colours.

That’s why, when considering the message you want to get across with your website content, you need to think of the whole picture. The benefits of professional photography outway the cost and should be seen as an investment, just like copywriting. For the right words to go with your stunning imagery, get in contact with me today.

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