Make 2024 the year you work on your tradie website

carpenter uses a tradie website

Successful tradie websites do a few things right. They tend to be found on the first page of Google, look modern, have a contact number clearly visible and they tell the reader clearly what they do.

You know if your website isn’t performing well. No one can find it and the last time you worked on it was 2012.

Hint- successful tradie websites are well written

Successful tradie websites have these 5 things in common

Welders need a tradie website
Get your tradie website written by a copywriter

Look professional

An old website that says you’re ‘friendly, experienced and trustworthy’ is not enough. The competition in Australia for work for tradies is fierce.

According to ‘Job Outlook‘, the number of people working as plumbers is expected to grow over the next 5 years, from 92,300 in 2018 to 102,800 by 2023.

There are even more electricians. There were 156,400 in 2018, expected to be 163,500 by 2023.

That means your website needs to be better than the rest. Get a professional website and a professional copywriter to write it.

Have a solution to a problem

It’s not enough to say you’re a plumber. A well-written website will clearly state what problems the plumber can fix. What do you specialise in? If I have a gas leak at 3 am, can I call you? Do you do renovations? Can you fix my toilet?

If I’m going to type in ‘blocked drains Coogee’ will you come to Coogee to unblock them? Oh good, I can see on your website you will, thanks.

Think local

If you provide a service, like an electrician, there’s obviously an area you’ll service. If you live in Canberra, I doubt you’ll want to fix my downlights in Sydney.

But, it’s not a matter of just putting your address in the contact page.

On the home page, write you’re an electrician in Belconnen. Mention Belconnen and the surrounding area again on your ‘About’ page. On the contact page have a Google map of the area you service.

If someone is desperate for an electrician, they won’t Google ‘electrician’, they’ll Google ‘electrician Belconnen’.

Think like a customer

People searching for your service don’t use the same industry jargon that you use.

We mainly restore/upgrade private residential and commercial sash windows and doors. Including glazing, draught/sound proofing and new joinery items.

Found on no successful tradie website, ever

Someone is more likely to type into Google ‘heritage window carpenter’ rather than ‘sash window restoration’.

You have to use the language of your customer. If they can’t understand your website, they’ll scroll on to someone’s they do understand.

Have customer reviews

At the end of the day when it comes to tradies, people still rely on word of mouth referrals.

You need to encourage your customers to give you a review. If you have a Google My Business page, it’s easy to send them the link. It’s best to send them this ASAP after the job when you’re fresh in their mind. Otherwise they ‘won’t get around to it’.

tools for a tradie website

To get your tradie website noticed, call Melissa. I can also set up your Google My Business page or create an Ad on Google for you. Don’t rely on word of mouth, get online.

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