SEO Education Copywriting for ‘Listen to Read’: Case Study

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Education copywriting needs to bridge the gap between educator and parent. You may know the Australian Syllabus and curriculum inside out, but parents just want one thing. A happy child and improved grades.

I recently improved the SEO of a business in the education industry, ‘Listen to Read‘, based in Engadine, Sydney.

Case study: Education copywriting

Why did they need an SEO education copywriter?

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‘Listen to Read’ wanted to work on their marketing and plan for the future. This included updating content on their website and SEO. Being an ex-teacher and an education copywriter, they needed my advice.

The problem

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Catherine McLennon co-founder of  ‘Listen to Read’ saw the Covid downtime as an opportunity. All learning had to be virtual or via the phone, as students could no longer have face to face lessons.

“We’ve been thinking of updating our website for ages and thought it would be good to get someone to look at it,” she says.

We weren’t getting any traffic to the website, as we usually get sales through word of mouth

Catherine McLennan, Listen to Read

“We didn’t want to do Facebook ads until the website was looking good, as we weren’t converting a lot of traffic to sales.”

The solution

Listen to Read is run by qualified English teachers. But, the wording on their website, although well written, wasn’t attracting their target market. They weren’t using language that was easily understood by parents.

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Also, they weren’t using keywords. Parents were searching on Google for help with reading, not phonics.

By researching the target market and Catherine’s business, I came up with keywords parents were using and made her website easier to find on Google.

All businesses need a website that’s attractive to their target market

It’s important your website makes a good impression, as people are spending more time searching online. So, attracting clients organically by moving up the ranks in Google can be achieved with the right words in the right places on your website.

Industry specific words such as NESA, learning outcomes and scope and sequence may make you look like an industry leader, but parents just want help.

If you need any more information on copywriting for education, or for more information on the role of education copywriting in improving online presence, get in touch.

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