Why you need a Professional Website Writer

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Do you need a professional website writer? One that understands the Australian market? That knows how Google ranks websites and helps you to be found?

A website writer creates content that attracts your ideal client.

A website writer that creates content for businesses is called a copywriter. Copywriters also write brochures, video scripts, and any other advertising material. They write persuasive words that compel a customer to do something, either give you a call, sign up for an email, or purchase something from your business.

What’s an SEO copywriter?

A website writer should know SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. That means the website is written in a way that Google sees as valid and reliable.

An SEO copywriter should make your website-

  • quick to load
  • easy to read
  • answers the query
  • have no broken links
  • easy to navigate
  • be linked by other reputable websites (called a backlink)

What’s wrong with my website?

You might notice that your website is getting no traffic and therefore, no customers. This could be because your website is new. Unfortunately, it takes time for your website to be noticed by search engines like Google. When changes are made, it can take six months to a year for real progress to be made.

SEO is slow. This is frustrating but, over the long term, your website will get noticed.

Create great content people will want to read

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Google is pretty smart. It knows which content people want to read by how long people spend on a web page. This is called ‘bounce rate’. A high bounce rate isn’t good, because people aren’t spending much time on your website. This indicates your website mustn’t have anything worth reading.

Google then penalises your website by ranking it lower down in a search query. So, your website is less likely to be found.

This is where a professional website writer can really be a benefit to your business. Have a great, informative article that has to be read to the end and people will come back for more.

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