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I recently wrote local SEO website content for Fisher Kitchens, a high-end joinery business located in the Adelaide Hills. They had an old website, which didn’t represent them well and was outdated. When they contacted me, they were in the process of building a new one with Adelaide web designers The Mindful Creative.

Digital marketing and accounts manager, Teagan Fisher, found my profile on LinkedIn.

I found your article on LinkedIn  5 Reasons why Cabinetmakers need copywriters | LinkedIn and thought you might have a clear understanding of our target audience and needs

Teagan Fisher
Joinery blue kitchen

What is joinery?

Joinery, or cabinet making, is a highly skilled and little understood trade. Surprisingly, houses are not built as precise as you would imagine. Joiners make furniture built into the house. So, they have to work with floors and walls that have warped or simply not built to plumb. Measurements have to be precise, down to the millimetre, to make the furniture fit. Most homes would have a kitchen built by a joiner. But, joiners also build laundries, study nooks, bookshelves and even children’s bunk beds, all connected to the house.

Teagan and I had a chat on the phone and knew we could work together.

 I was so pleased when we chatted to discover you have knowledge and understanding of the joinery industry.

Teagan Fisher


  • Local SEO website content was to attract their target market
  • Presentation of their drawings in the new showroom was to be highlighted
  • Case studies and blogs would educate, provide inspiration and appeal to their target market. This would position Fisher Kitchens as thought leaders on cabinetry in Adelaide.
Fisher Kitchens Instagram on a vanity
For help with your Joinery website, give me a call today. Credit – Fisher Kitchens

Who are Fisher Kitchens?

Fisher Kitchens are cabinet makers located in Woodside, in the Adelaide Hills. Their furniture is custom made, beautiful and high end. Fisher kitchens joinery service involves getting to know the client, planning the cabinetry in 2D and 3D and presenting the final drawing in their new Showroom.

The carcass, door and draw fronts are made in their workshop and installed on site.

We do everything in house, end to end design and installation.

Teagan Fisher

The Challenges

Teagan had web designers working on the new website, buyers’ personas, a promise statement and customer touchpoints. She was incredibly organised. The launch of the website was timed perfectly with the opening of the new showroom.

However, she didn’t know what to write on the website.

They needed a website that would appeal to their target market and deter tyre kickers – who simply wanted a free 2D plan. Fisher Kitchens had great relationships with builders and architects who knew the high quality of their work. But, they wanted to tap into their target market, homeowners of Adelaide and Adelaide Hills. Homeowners who appreciated designer, high quality, custom made joinery.

Joiner black kitchen

The Solution

I needed to know more about Fisher Kitchens. So, I started by interviewing Teagan about their business and completed a detailed ‘creative brief’. Then, Nikki and Lauren from The Mindful Creative sent me the bare bones of the website and their timeline for when it would go live. Next, I used Local SEO to attract clients to the website, as their workshop was located in the community they wanted to attract.

Fisher Kitchens Instagram post black laundry
Improve your website’s SEO and convert customers, get in touch

The importance of case studies

Case studies were going to be added to the new website. Case studies are excellent at showing prospective clients what others, just like them, achieved with Fisher Kitchens. For example, I wrote about a couple living in Adelaide who renovated their house with Fisher Kitchens, Ruby and Brett. If another couple were tossing up between going with Fisher Kitchens or a competitor, this case study could convince them to go with Fisher.

To make the case study more personable, I convinced Teagan to get some quotes from Ruby on how amazing Fisher Kitchens were. Teagan found some lovely words of praise on Ruby’s Instagram, and with Ruby’s permission, we used them in the Case Study.

Thank you so much for this. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. I would like to continue this relationship if possible, as I would love to have inspirational articles written for our blog as well as more client case studies.

Teagan Fisher

Know your target market and think of having a section dedicated to case studies. Case studies are fantastic at the tip of the marketing sales funnel. They can give your prospective clients that little nudge, convincing them to go with you, rather than a competitor.

For more information on how I can attract your ideal customer, send me an email today and we’ll have a chat.

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