SEO success for Yukon Electrical’s electrician website: Case Study

Electrician website

I recently completed SEO content for an electrician website for a company in Sydney, called Yukon Electrical. They needed content for their Home, About, Services, Career, Contact pages and three blog articles.


  • Already had a GoDaddy electrician website, but didn’t know what to write on it.
  • Yukon Electrical couldn’t be found easily with a Google search for their own business name.
  • They wanted to attract customers, but great electricians too.

Who are they?

Electrician website for Yukon electrical
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Yukon Electrical are a family run electrician business located in Caringbah, in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. They do residential, commercial and industrial electrical work throughout Sydney. But, what makes them unique is their custom residential work and their ability to work at heights. They don’t shy away from the odd lighting challenge in the kitchen or 30 metres in the air.

Currently, Yukon installs signs requiring lighting on the side of buildings with a boom lift. Soon, they’ll be able to install lights or anything else electrical at any height – with rope access.

Pat’s wife, Britt, had experience in marketing and was on top of their social media accounts.

I called Melissa to write our website after seeing her copywriting service on Instagram. From our first chat, I was instantly impressed with her understanding of both SEO as well as the trades industries.

Brittagh Lynn

Pat had some great photos of his work too, especially installing signage on the side of Nepean Hospital and other buildings. They already had a Google My Business set up and bought a GoDaddy website.

They just needed the right words.


Yukon Electrical had a few challenges to overcome when I first spoke to Pat and Britt.

When I Googled ‘Yukon Electrical’ the first result I got was an electrical company in Yukon, Canada. Considering Yukon Electrical is based in Caringbah, Australia, this was a big problem.

The second challenge was the website. They started a GoDaddy website which looked pretty good, but the home page was the generic ‘welcome to my website’ wording that comes with every GoDaddy website.

I made a GoDaddy website which she quickly refreshed, making it a professional electrician website all ready to go.

Brittagh Lynn

That had to change.

Yukon was also looking at expanding and wanted to attract electricians with the right attitude. They had a fantastic apprentice and wanted to get the message out to attract others wishing to work with a great company.

So, their goal for the website was not only to attract people looking for an electrician. It was to attract other electricians and companies looking for electricians to work at heights.

electrician website
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Britt had experience in marketing and knew they needed to improve their new website. It looked great, had some fantastic images, but couldn’t be found with a quick Google search. Also, if someone did find it, the message didn’t really represent Yukon as well as it could.

I wrote the homepage with a focus on Yukon being a ‘Sydney electrician’. One of the blog articles also spoke of the Sutherland Shire region, with many local suburbs and features mentioned. This was great for ‘local SEO’. That solved the problem of Google realising the company wasn’t based in Yukon, Canada, but in Sydney, Australia.

Their About page focused on Yukon being a family-friendly company, and its ideals.

As they were looking at expanding, they wanted a ‘career’ page. This was to attract the right electricians to work with them. Ones that understood what Yukon stood for and had the right mindset.

Another page had to be added to showcase their work at heights. This page had to be written for signage companies looking for electricians. So, the experience and expertise of Yukon had to be communicated.

Her reliable, strategic and efficient service was exactly what we were looking for. Thank you Melissa!

Brittagh Lynn

If you’re an electrician and you know your website could be better, get in contact. A badly written website could be hurting your reputation.

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