Website SEO copywriter for business success

As an SEO copywriter, I can craft the right message for your business that’s SEO friendly. A professional business website that stands out from the rest is essential in today’s economic climate. Add to that, the need to please Google with SEO. Get in touch for compelling content that’s professional and sells.

I have a niche, but I love to write about anything

I’m a copywriter for a range of successful businesses, but mostly B2B, education, health and the construction industry. Copywriting for online education providers, government health departments, builders, joiners and many other trades and professions needs to be engaging and professional, which is why they employ my services. Companies with a nod towards science, such as pest control and universities seek out my copywriting skills.

Melissa Gerke SEO copywriter in Sydney

Copywriter for marketing and communication managers

If you need a hand with your content, get in touch. I can write in your brand voice, research and deliver your project to your timeline.

Melissa Gerke SEO copywriter in Sydney

My background is in science education. This means my copywriting can be found in online articles for a range of businesses. But I particularly enjoy looking at the features of a more scientific or technical service and showing the benefits for the general public.

Copywriting for publications

Alongside SEO copywriting, I also write for Fairfax and NewsCorp. My copywriting covers many different topics, ranging from an interview I did with the owner of the Snowtown Bank in SA, to a couple that lives with no electricity.

I network and promote small businesses

This year I’m a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards. I’m also a member of the Springwood Chamber of Commerce. So small, local business promotion is important to me.

Inform your clients. Showcase your services. Don’t hide behind a mist of fancy words. I can make your business website stand out from the crowd with professional SEO copywriting.

Meet Google’s and your client’s expectations head-on. These days, people are looking for more than a sales jingle. They want to be informed. Let’s show the benefits of your service and products with professional, engaging copywriting.

B2B SEO Copywriter

Keep your clients engaged and wanting to know more. I’ll create irresistible content for your website that sells. Content that convinces clients they can’t live without your service. Your SEO optimised content will help your website move up the ranks organically on Google without spending on expensive advertising.

Woman SEO copywriter Sydney

My articles

Other than SEO copywriting for business websites, I regularly write advice articles for the Domain and parenting and fertility articles for News Corp. My copywriting can be read in Sunday Life, Women’s Health magazine and SBS Life.

I’m located in Wentworth Falls, west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains. Our chickens regularly look in my window while I type wonderful words for your success.

If you’re after SEO copywriting with the right words, give me a call.

SEO fundamental course graduate
SEO copywriting accredited
Local SEO graduate
Local SEO copywriting accredited