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Professional website writer

copywriter, SEO

Do you need a professional website writer? One that understands the Australian market? That knows how Google ranks websites and helps you to be found? A website writer creates content that attracts your ideal client. A website writer that creates content for businesses is called a copywriter. Copywriters also write brochures, video scripts, and any […]

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Digital marketing written in scrabble pieces

Tradie Marketing in 2020

Web content for tradies

Tradie marketing may not be your thing, but in 2020 to be successful you need to be online. According to research commissioned by hipages, 50 percent of Australians are more likely to hire tradies online now than 5 years ago. Online tradie marketing can be paid or search for organically What is Google Ads? Your […]

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Website content for landscape gardeners

How to write an awesome landscaping website.


A landscaping website can look absolutely beautiful. Photos shouldn’t be a problem at all, but what about the right words? Website content for a landscape gardening website is just as important for SEO and attracting the right customer organically, without having to pay for Google Adwords. Informative content on a landscaping website is important You’re probably already […]

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Builders need copywriters

7 Blog ideas for the Building Industry


The building industry is very competitive. Think of all of the electricians or landscapers in your local area. They’re all competing for page one on Google to be found by you. One way to move up the ranks in Google is by writing an informative blog post that answers their question. Blog ideas for the building industry are easier […]

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