Copywriting vs Content writing, what’s the difference?

Copywriting is a term people just have no idea about. When I say ‘I’m an SEO copywriter’, I usually get a confused look. But, when I say ‘I write content for websites’ they go ‘oh right’. There is a difference!

What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

A copywriter writes succinct words to get a short term response. It might be to buy sunscreen, join a gym, or call an electrician. It’s persuasive writing with a call to action. Copywriting can be seen on brochures, fridge magnets, radio or TV ads or in newspapers.

Copywriting on a sweet
Copywriting needs to be succinct and sweet enough to come back for more

What’s SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is all about making your website attractive to both the reader and Google. It involves keyword research. The goal is to move up the ranks in Google, so you don’t need to spend money on Adwords. The user will find your website organically, and then because it is so well written, will stay on there even longer.

What’s content writing?

Content writing is different to copywriting because it doesn’t have the short term call to action, like copywriting. Content writing can be seen in blogs, podcasts, emails, autoresponders, books, e-books, articles, white papers and social media posts. It’s longer writing and usually offers some value, like informing or educating the reader. It’s still persuasive writing and has a call to action, but the goal is longer term.

  • Copywriting and content writing are forms of persuasive writing
  • Copywriting has a short term goal, such as ‘buy now’
  • Content writing aims to engage the client over a longer time frame, but still with an aim to purchase
Marketing strategy, content writing
Copywriting and content writing is needed

A good marketing strategy should have both copywriting and content marketing. Perhaps your service is one that people don’t need all the time, like an electrician. If you’re providing useful content regularly, then when it does come time to call a sparky, you’d more than likely turn to the trusted source.

I asked Lauren White, a sexologist in Brisbane what content writing has done for her business.

Whenever someone says blogging is dead or just make a podcast – I laugh to myself. After writing countless blogs, tweaking them and optimising them for SEO, I can hand-on heart say that writing quality content has improved my business and website performance significantly. I now have several snippets on Google for content that I have created and have had clients say that they found me through specific blogs. As wonderful as my sales page is, it’s the content that first reaches them…

Lauren White sexologist

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