Why do I need a blog?

Content is king. So, you know you need a blog. But coming up with fresh ideas that are SEO friendly can be tiring. To please google and to move up the webpage ranks you need regular blog posts. This shows your service is current and trustworthy.

Your website is more likely to get clicked on if you can answer your client’s burning question. If you can provide the answers, why would clients go to the competitor?

I can tailor a package of blogs that are engaging and well researched, to meet your client’s needs.

Why do I need a website copywriter?

Writing words that sell is an art. You need to grab their attention quickly before facebook does.

Copy needs to convince clients of the benefits of your service over the competitor. This takes time. Time that you could be spending on your business, or facebook.

What other services do I offer?

I can also tailor a package of website copy, flyers, emails, long copy, whatever words of inspiration your business requires!

School Yearbooks

The school yearbook is a keepsake for every student. It’s a celebration of the year, but also showcases the achievements of your school. By investing in your yearbook you are investing in the future of the school. 

I’ve worked on the yearbook from the teacher’s side. I know the difficulties in coordinating every faculty, coordinator, co-curricular and coach to write their piece and submit it ON TIME. Often they have to be chased and then the fun begins.

At best you may have a teacher on staff who treats the yearbook as a labour of love, and has time allocated to do their best at completing this keepsake. At worst, no one puts their hand up for the job, it is completed late, or worse still, not at all. 

The yearbook is the one project that genuinely sells your school as it puts your students at the center. I will collate, edit, layout and organise printing for your yearbook on time and to a professional standard, which reflects your school and is worthy of being a keepsake.

Special Offer

For October, ‘Small Business Month’, I have a special deal on webpages. Three pages for only $560! Get your home, about and services pages updated.