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5 of the best gift ideas for copywriters

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With everything going digital, is it possible to give a copywriter a gift that isn’t a paperweight? Giving a thoughtful gift is easy with the internet. With such an enormous range of gift ideas for your copywriter friend, this list will provide you with an awesome starting point that doesn’t involve laptops or inspirational quotes. […]

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Why you need a Professional Website Writer

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Do you need a professional website writer? One that understands the Australian market? That knows how Google ranks websites and helps you to be found? A website writer creates content that attracts your ideal client. A website writer that creates content for businesses is called a copywriter. Copywriters also write brochures, video scripts, and any […]


What does a copywriter do?

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Freelance copywriters write websites, flyers, emails, brochures, blogs, content and really anything that sells a product. They could be working in an office environment or from home and either meet with the client or communicate by phone, skype or email. They can offer a more personalised service than an agency, which is great for small businesses. […]

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Why you need a copywriter to write your blog

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A copywriter can write a blog post that informs and sells your product. You look like a thought leader in your industry. Not only that but when it comes to conversion, you are in their mind for providing valuable information. So, why should a copywriter write my blog? A copywriter can develop a content strategy with targeted keywords that your customer is searching for. A […]