Why would a builder need an SEO copywriter?

In the past, a sign out the front of your build with ‘Master builders Association’ and a business card was all a builder needed to promote himself. These days, busy builders are a bit more savvy with marketing.

A builder needs an SEO copywriter to be found

3 story Sydney house with pool, builder needs an SEO copywriter
Beautiful house, but a builder needs an SEO copywriter to be found

Today, a website is like an electronic business card. It’s amazing how many builders rely on a website that is outdated or non existent. You may get by on word-of-mouth, but if your clients want to find you via a Google search, word-of-mouth won’t work.

An SEO copywriter for builders will write words for your website. They will do some keyword research to find out what your ideal clients are searching for and ‘optimise’ your website so it can be found.

Don’t duplicate your content

A builder needs an SEO copywriter to write engaging content that Google can find easily. There is no point writing blogs on building if all the blogs are about the same thing. Another problem people make is the post rambles on and on. Google doesn’t know the main idea of the post is about.

Stand out from the crowd

Builders have a lot of competition. You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. One way to do this is the location you build in. Knowing the local council’s regulations is a good selling point. Also, do you specialise in knock down rebuilds, building up or granny flats? It’s best not to be a generalist.

Blogging is for builders too

Blogging is a great way to target more keywords. If someone typed in a query about something building related, and your blog answered their question, they would want to know more about your service. An SEO copywriter for builders could help you find and write great blogs ideas.

Some blogging ideas could be –

  • 5 of the best cladding ideas for Australian homes
  • How to insulate your home in winter and summer
  • 7 questions to ask your builder before renovating
White floor and glass outdoor BBQ area, Builder needs an SEO copywriter
The right words can do justice to beautiful builds.

You can’t rely on an old website with outdated information. Make 2020 the year you update your website and get an SEO copywriter for builders to write the right words.

If you want to know more information on how I can help you, you can check out my website package deals and contact details.

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